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Clean and Care

As much as we all love to play with make-up, and feel like we’re looking our best, there’s nothing better than taking it all off at the end of the day and experiencing that feeling of clean and fresh skin. There’s something indulgent about the ritual of cleaning and cleansing your face to perfection.
That’s why we’ve invested the time to bring you our latest line of completely natural and vegan-friendly make-up removers that will leave you feeling revitalized after a long day of wearing your favorite color cosmetics—introducing the stunning ‘Clean & Care’ range.

Implementing a skincare regime is essential in keeping our skin looking the best it can. Effective make-up removal is as vital as moisturizing. One very important rule for make-up lovers is to ensure you completely remove every trace before going to bed. Our bodies and brains use the rested period of sleep to work intensely on repairing and regenerating; this is the time our skin and bodies heal. While we’re sleeping, our brains are working profoundly. Our skin’s blood flow increases which helps the organ to rebuild its collagen and repair damage caused by UV exposure and other external factors; this helps to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation like age spots. So, it’s important that we select the best removers in order to enable our skin to get to work without absorbing impurities from leftover remanence of make-up and pollutants that can result in our pores becoming clogged, causing irritation and breakouts. It is when our faces are cleanest that effective epidermal recovery takes action.

The ‘Clean & Care’ line has been made with the finest ingredients, including precious oils and plant extracts, for excellent skin compatibility. This collection is like food for the skin, preparing it to be able to function at its optimal level of regeneration. There are three main heroes housed within this new launch, so let’s go a little more into detail about these gentle and innovative products; after all, beauty is more than just skin deep.

Natural Cleansing Oil - the complexity of this formula results in a high-performance make-up removal leaving the skin feeling soft and lightweight. The efficient ingredients, along with precious Argan Oils, all originate from vegetables and create a refreshing and silky sensation when gliding across the skin during the removal process. Luxurious Argan Oil, with its polyunsaturated fatty acids, restores and strengthens the skin barrier. Its nourishing, regenerating, and protective properties make it an exceptional beauty secret as it shows an excellent anti-free radical effect. This non-grease formula breaks down make-up by binding dirt and excess sebum that is then easily wiped away, offering the best cleaning results for any kind of make-up, including full coverage foundations.

Natural Micellar Water is a mild, quick, and easy make-up remover based on plant-derived detergents using micellar technology. The structure of this detergent pulls’ impurities and oils away from the surface of the skin for a gentle, smooth make-up removal. The efficiency of removal of these natural detergents can help prevent redness and tightening of the skin. It is always good practice to rinse the skin with water following any treatments; however, with this kind of skin remover, it is not essential. It’s perfect for sensitive skins and contains no fragrance, parabens, or soap—an excellent choice to remove everyday make-ups with ease.

Natural Cleansing Lotion is a highly effective emulsion containing multiple natural-derived botanical oils with efficient removal benefits. Firstly, there is Jojoba Oil which retains the moisture of the skin during the removal process. Avocado Oil has anti-inflammatory effects and restores the natural moisture balance. Both dehydration and irritation often occur during make-up removal, but with these natural ingredients, the skin is experiencing a caring treatment at the same time. For added luxury, cold-pressed Macadamias Oil is infused, which creates a velvety-soft feel to the skin. This precious non-greasy advanced formula achieves a simple, deep pore make-up removal without the need for abrasive rubbing on this skin.

All three of the Clean & Care products can be used individually or in conjunction with each other for an enriching deep clean. If using them in conjunction with each other, we would advise starting with the Natural Cleansing Oil, followed by Natural Cleansing Lotion, and finishing with the Natural Micellar Water.

After any make-up removal, we would always advise that the skin is rinsed with cool water and gently patted dry. This should be followed by your usual skincare regime; we suggest our Dermacolor Collagen Cream; this enriching, water-based treatment is the perfect overnight treatment; with natural collagen and elastin, it smooths the surface of the skin and helps it to regenerate throughout the night. After this kind of pampering, you’ll wake feeling like you’ve had the full spa treatment.

Check out our ‘How to’ section for advice on the best way to use each of these divine products.