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The best Mascara for you - What's behind #EyeAmYours?

Mascara - for many people THE favorite product in their cosmetics bag. But because of the variety of lash lengths, colors, and densities, it is often challenging to develop the perfect mascara for everyone.
Mascara - for many people THE favorite product in their cosmetics bag. But because of the variety of lash lengths, colors, and densities, it is often challenging to develop the perfect mascara for everyone. The Kryolan team has dedicated years of research, development, and a multitude of tests to create a product suitable for everyone. Finally, we have come to an amazing result, which has led to the implementation of the new Kryolan mascara line under the motto #EyeAmYours.

Why do we love Mascara?

Mascara is arguably one of the most essential items in any make-up enthusiast's collection. Many even claim it is the one product they wouldn't leave the house without - but why does Mascara have such an impact on us all?

As the central focal point of the face, we communicate with the eyes more than with any other of our senses. A look often says more than a thousand words, and it is not without reason that the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. They reveal how we feel - both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep, aging processes, stress, and emotions show up in dark undereye circles or puffy eyes, as well as drooping eyelids.

Defining our lashes with functional ('functional' – formulas that include ingredients that have a visual, physical, or conditioning benefit) mascaras can dramatically improve our appearance. Formulas that help curl the lash hairs make the eyes appear larger, resulting in a more rested and youthful impression. The act of darkening and or thickening the lashes will have a brightening effect on our eyes and surrounding skin. Colors next to the darkest black will always have the impression of being lighter than its right tone. This simple application can reduce the appearance of dark circles or redness around the eye while whitening the sclera, making our eyes appear brighter and more attractive. As we said: The eyes are the windows to the soul, so the bigger the windows, the lighter we can radiate out into the universe. Who doesn't like the idea of that?!

The Kryolan Mascara test

From a scientific point of view, developing a mascara formula is relatively simple - but why is it so difficult to find a product that really pleases everyone? The answer is: we all want different things! Personal preferences play a crucial role in selecting our favorite mascara - for example, our wishes regarding the brush, the inserts at the top of the tube, or the packaging design. These factors, as well as the formula itself, determine whether we choose a product. With this in mind, the Kryolan team started the testing phase(s) of the newly developed mascaras.

The Importance of a well-performing Mascara Brush

How did we proceed? During our research, we used the same formulas in different packaging with different brush options. We gave them both mascara options to the same test persons and let them tell us which one they liked and why. Depending on every individual's preference of how they want their lashes to look, it directly impacted their opinion of the formula. Some said that the traditional cone-shaped brush's formula was too 'clumpy,' and they didn't like the consistency. In contrast, they loved the other formula as their lashes were coated in color but remained separated and defined. The other group was of the exact opposite opinion and preferred voluminous as opposed to simply defined lashes.

This test proved that it was more of a technical preference than a science-based advantage regarding the two mascaras. Why? Because the two formulas were identical! In our mascara comparison, the test subjects liked the amount of applied product and the effect that the specific brush gave to the lashes. So, according to our results, the formula initially played only a secondary role.

What we consider beautiful depends so much on our personal preferences. So, we concluded that the most important thing is to give customers different options so that everyone can find a formula and brush that delivers a perfect, individual result. Finally, the idea for #EyeAmYours was born: four different mascaras, two formulas (standard/volumizing), and two different brushes (silicone/fiber brush) - 2 + 2 = 4. Each brush is available with the preferred formula and vice versa.

What's inside the Formula?

Even if we have come to the conclusion that the brush contributes significantly to the personal preference of a mascara, an excellent formula is also crucial because only the perfect combination can result in the desired effect.

Generally, most would prefer a good strength of color, long-lasting, smudge-proof, a lifted curling effect, and easy to remove when it comes to Mascara. That would be the basics; I'm sure most of you would agree. Then there are specifics, and this depends on personal preference and your lashes. If one of the test persons had short, fine lashes, they would usually prefer a mascara that contained a thickening ingredient or fibers that created extra length. If a test person already had long, full lashes (you know, the ones most of us are so jealous of!), they may just want more definition of color, without the formula making them clumpy or stick together.

Like many mascaras, our new line is an emulsion of mainly water with a little oil and some silicone. The water and oil make up most of the formula and create the creamy consistency of the mascaras; the silicone helps to glide the products onto the lashes and keeps the formulas soft and flexible once they dry. Then we added two types of color pigments in our formulas, one coated (triple black) pigment, which is soluble in the oil phase the other is dispersible in the aqueous phase. Ensuring the color is intense and impactful.

To cover the 'quick-drying' and long-lasting features, special cosmetic acrylic film formers are added. These start to evaporate quickly once the product has been applied; drying the product's surface prevents the color's transfer. This also has other functions; as these film formers dry, they shrink in size, which causes the lashes to curl for that all-important lift. Other components in the formulas ensure the lashes remain soft and flexible, making sure they feel comfortable while the make-up is being worn. Tiny, cosmetically approved glass spheres provide volume to fine lashes; these cling to the lashes and thicken their impression for a fuller lash effect.

So, the conclusion of Mascara is that it's much to do with the application technique as it is the science of creating the formula. Good that we have four beautiful new mascaras for you to choose from!

The new Kryolan Mascaras

Lash Revolution Mascara - Definition and Length
The perfect mascara for long lashes: The triple black formula of the Lash Revolution Mascara provides an instant lift and curl. An ultra-fine silicone brush gives precision, while the quick-drying formula removes easily without smudging.

Lash Innovation Mascara - Precision and a triple black color
The Lash Innovation Mascara with a cone-shaped fiber brush provides a fuller impression to the lashes. A triple black color formula adds intense definition. The mascara is easily removable.

Supreme Volume Mascara - Separation and Volume
The Supreme Volume Mascara comes up with an ultra-fine silicone brush that individually separates and lifts the lashes. Unique ingredients thicken the hairs for a fuller effect.

Dramatic Volume Mascara - Volume and curve
The Dramatic Volume Mascara provides plenty of curvy volume with its cone fiber-shaped brush. Unique thickening ingredients with a super black finish help to intensity your look. It removes easily.