How to

Frosty Death

Our frosty death Halloween look makes you freeze even under the brightest sun. Follow this tutorial if you want to recreate the look with pale-gray skin and blue (in this case, also bitten) lips without actually going out in the cold.

* This tutorial shows how to recreate the look, especially around the lips.
The face should be clean and free of any products. Use the Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water to remove any access.
Step 1
In the first step, apply Sunburn Simulation to the edges of the lips using a Round Make-up Sponge. The sponge should be cut in half before obtaining flat edges. Let the product dry afterward.
Step 2
Lift the just applied Sunburn Simulation area on the lip with a Make-up Mixing Spatula. By doing this, you will create cracks and cracked skin.
Step 3
Dab the area around the cracked lip with Supracolor 8 ml (youth red) using a blending brush. This will make the area look sorer, and the skin appears broken.
Step 4
In this step, create the effect of frost-bitten burns. For this, use Cream Color Circle (Bruise) in the shades Purple and Bruise Purple. Stipple the colors onto the corresponding areas to create depth without over-blending. The colors should not cross over each other too much so that you can see the definition in each shade.
Step 5
In the last step, use Bruise 3 from the same circle to simulate further depth and skin decay.

Used Products