How to

Clean and Care

Clean & Care is an innovative, completely natural and vegan friendly line for gentle make-up removal. Crafted with the finest ingredients including precious oils and plant extracts for true skin compatibility.
Natural Micellar Water
Dispense Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml onto a cotton pad so that the surface is wet but not dripping. Hold on the skin for a few seconds before gently applying a little pressure and gliding the formula across the skin moving up and out from the center of the face. The structure of the water pulls impurities and oils away from the surface of the skin for a gentle, smooth removal. Repeat this process with clean cotton pads until there is no visible make-up left on the pad. Around the eyes, fold the pad in half to help reach into these corners and delicate areas with ease. It is always advisable to rinse the skin with water following any treatments, though with this product it is not essential.
Natural Cleansing Oil
Lightly soak a cotton pad with Clean & Care Natural Cleansing Oil 120 ml, hold for a few seconds on the skin to allow the formula to penetrate the surface of the make-up. Starting in the center and with a light pressure sweep the pad across the plains of the face while moving up and out. Change the cotton pads after every couple of wipes so that you’re not transferring removed make-up around the face. Continue with the process until the pad is free from color. During this process luxurious Argan Oil, with their polyunsaturated fatty acids, restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Once the skin is clean rinse the face with clean cool water and pat dry.
Natural Cleansing Lotion
Dampen a cotton pad with cool clean water before applying one pump of Clean & Care Natural Cleansing Lotion 250 ml to the pad. Hold the pad on the skin for a couple of seconds and then gently begin to massage the skin in small circular motions. Repeat this process to treat the entire face. Next, take additional clean, damp pads and starting from the center of the face sweep up and out across the plains of the face with a gentle pressure applied. Repeat this step until no make-up traces are left on the pads. With the inclusion of cold-pressed Macadamias Oil the lotion creates a velvety-soft feel to the skin. Once the skin is clean rinse the face with clean cool water and pat dry.