How to

Killer Clown

Step 1The brows are coated in Pros-Aide - The Original - 15 ml, brushed the opposite way to the natural direction of the hair, then flattened. The texture is smoothed over with Cine-Wax 10 g (neutral) and blended into the surrounding skin. Cine-Wax is set by pressing HD Micro Finish Powder over the area. TV Paint Stick in Alabaster is then concentrated over the top and applied to accentuate the appearance of a raised brow bone.
Step 2The rest of the face is primed using Ultra Underbase. TV Paint Stick in Alabaster creates a pale complexion, masking and neutralizing any redness. Eye Shadow Matt (congo) is blended in below the cheekbones, jawbone and into the temples. Eye Shadow Matt (sudan) is applied over the top into the areas where the deepest point of the contour is desired to create a hollow effect.
Step 3Using theatrical techniques, the face is aged to define the character. Supracolor 8 ml (101) is applied into the natural lines and recesses on the face. The depth of the lines varies, to give the impression of wrinkles. Supracolor 8 ml (070) is then used to create highlight, this is blended in above the darker details to give a three-dimensional effect. Use powder to set.
Step 4Supracolor 8 ml (517) is blended on the eyelids and under the bottom lash line. Supracolor 8 ml (510) is then extended out from this to cover the entire socket in an uneven application. Graphic lines are drawn vertically out from the top and bottom of the eye, set using combinations of Eye Shadow Matt (RB 36), Eye Shadow Matt (night blue), Eye Shadow Matt (deep black) and Eye Shadow Matt (thunderstorm). HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied into the water line.
Step 5Supracolor 8 ml (079) is painted onto the nose and applied over the lips. The color is extended out into circles from the corners. The Supracolor is then set and smudged over the lip line by applying a combination of Eye Shadow Matt (SA 131) and Eye Shadow Matt (aubergine). The concentration of the darker color, SA 131, on the nose is on the outer edge. On the mouth, it is in the center of the lips.
Step 6Nebula Vivid Airbrush 14 ml (medium green) is sprayed around the hairline and along the contours framing the face. Supracolor 8 ml (101) is mixed with Make-up Blend 30 ml to achieve a fluid consistency. This is then flicked, concentrating on the areas where Nebula has been applied. Fresh Scratch 15 ml (dark) is pressed onto the lip before Supreme Blood External 15 ml (dark) is dripped down the chin.

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